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Welcome to Arrangement Finders – the #1 site where men and women find discreet, mutually beneficial arrangements.

Our founders and creators of this website, understand the specific needs of our users because many of us were the same scenario. Classy women have always desired a glamorous, luxurious lifestyle – but there is often a discrepancy between a woman's big dreams and her shallow pockets. Some females turn to pole-dancing for local and international CEOs and other professionals, while others began to see how these rich, generous men might be able to help them realize their dreams.

Prominent local businessmen often frequent Gentlemen's Clubs and sometimes can make a strong first impression, but which rarely ends up with dinner. We knew it was time to create a website with an offer that was too good to refuse. What begins as a mutually beneficial fling can often blossom into a solid partnership and relationship, and then even possibly into a successful marriage, with no looking back.


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A strong woman is able to build upon any foundation she establishes. Arrangement Finders has become wildly successful and men are happy with the women available to date. Finding an “arrangement” wasn't always easy in the beginning. Before the Internet existed, it was challenging for women and men to make plans, send emails, and get to know each other better. Now you don't have to be a dancer to easily interact with the successful men available to meet. It can be difficult for women who aren't part of wealthy social circles – and who don't work at Gentlemen's Clubs – to break into that world. And that's precisely why this website offers such services – to give gorgeous, ambitious, young, even college educated women, a chance to “get to the inside” and brush elbows with handsome, wealthy, successful, risk-taking, and exciting established men.

You can always change the course of life – thanks to our passion, ambition, and perseverance – and now we want to offer you a chance to do the same. Whether you're a successful man who is attached and looking for a deeper connection than what your marriage affords, or a single man who is seeking that special someone, Arrangement Finders will help you meet a like minded partner. There are many successful men inside wanting to spoil, pamper, and take care of all kinds of single and married women. So for all you ladies out there, whatever your desired mutually benefical arrangement is, Arrangement Finders makes it easy to find a sugar daddy to pamper and spoil you, or meet the kind of established man you're seeking. Go on, take a risk, the rewards are worth it!

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